Aug 2019
With the NFPA13 wet system air vent rule under the 2016 edition in full effect, as a contractor your choice for air vents are in abundance. Those that choose ECS PAV-W & PAV-WN air vents want the peace of mind that these will not leak due to the ...
Jul 2019
Based on the advertisements that can be found in any fire protection industry trade publication — such as Sprinkler Age, National Fire Sprinkler Magazine, or Fire Protection Contractor Magazine — throughout the past few years, it would be easy to ...
Feb 2018
Prevent dry pipe fire sprinkler system corrosion-related leaks Every industry is constantly changing including the fire protection industry. There was a time when the name “Atari” was synonymous with top-of-the-line gaming. Atari was born in 1972, ...