Pipe Analysis

The preferred tool for assessing corrosion in a fire sprinkler system is a pipe analysis using a sample.

ECS provides evaluation and analysis of corroded fire sprinkler piping to investigate both the cause of the metal loss and useful remaining service life data. A pipe section is removed, often due to failure, and submitted for analysis. Inspection of the sample identifies the type of corrosion, remaining pipe wall thickness, and pit depths found in the pipe sample.

Results consist of a comprehensive report providing the most likely cause of corrosion and/or failures, customized remediation and prevention recommendations, and high resolution images of the sample. The processed pipe sample can be returned at no additional cost.

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  • Part of a proactive risk management plan
  • Identify the root cause of piping leaks
  • Pipe replacement determination
  • Supplement to NFPA 25 five (5) year investigation
  • Quantitative data provides remediation recommendations