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ECS University provides tuition free educational courses to fire sprinkler contractors. Courses are held at our world headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri

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As the world’s leading expert on corrosion science for water-based fire sprinkler systems, we created ECS University (ECSU) to educate fire sprinkler contractors like you. We provide the necessary knowledge and skills to fight corrosion, along with managing the changes and developments in the fire sprinkler industry. ECSU courses are free and held at our world headquarters in St. Louis.

If you are in the fire protection industry and are interested, please consider registering for one of the upcoming ECS University sessions in Saint Louis, or contact us to schedule a training session customized for your team at your location.

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ECS U: For Fire Sprinkler Contractors

October 22-23rd, 2019
Participants of ECS University will learn about corrosion science, dry and wet pipe fire sprinkler system corrosion equipment, and corrosion monitoring. The 2-day course offers both classroom topics on fire sprinkler corrosion, code changes, and available solutions; plus, hands-on training in the best practices for installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of nitrogen generators and automatic air vents.

Meet OuR Team

Bill Aaron, Director of Training

Bill Aaron has worked in the fire protection industry for over thirty years with experience in project management, consultation, inspection, installation, and design of fire protection systems. Bill has a certification in Fire Alarm Systems from National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies IV (NICET), served on the NICET Board of Governors, and is a past chairman of the NICET Board of Governors. He also served as a member of the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE) board of directors.

Bill has taught more than 1000 sprinkler fitters and engineers through ECS University and educational lunch-and-learn sessions.

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ECS engineer Lucas Kirn joins the Fire Sprinkler Podcast to discuss the past, present, and future of the fire sprinkler industry, industry myths, and how to manage corrosion.

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Wall-mount generator installation and commissioning - PGEN3/5
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What our clients are saying

Josh S.
Integrated Fire Systems
"Great presentation, well presented, very knowledgeable people."
Juan G.
Liberty Mutual
“Class was great! Would recommend for anyone who is trying to get the concept of why systems corrode."
William B.
Pipco Companies
"Cannot think of any way to improve [the class].  Classes were very informative. I will walk away knowing much more than I came in with and will be able to explain this technology to my customers much better.” 
Bryan P.
Kinetix Fire Protection
"ECS University provided top notch classroom and hands on training to fully understand corrosion science and application of their products to prevent corrosion." 

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