The ECS WPNI Process

Posted by Experts in Nitrogen Generators and Automatic Air Vents on Aug 21, 2015 12:03:59 PM

What Is The ECS WPNI Process?

Simply stated, the ECS WPNI process (wet pipe nitrogen inerting) is a process that displaces oxygen, which causes corrosion, with nitrogen gas inside wet pipe fire sprinkler systems. Any trapped gas remaining in the system after WPNI is not corrosive. 

What equipment is required for WPNI?

Three (3) essential components are required:

  1. An integral venting device to remove oxygen installed at a remote high point
  2. An injection port installed at the riser
  3. A source of nitrogen gas - either nitrogen generator or nitrogen cylinders

How do I know WPNI prevents corrosion?

ECS is the exclusive provider of WPNI technology with validated real-world results. We utilize a patented "fill and purge" breathing process to immediately remove oxygen from the system and we offer the only in-situ corrosion monitoring device in the industry to ensure that corrosion remains under control.


How is WPNI performed?


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