Introducing the PGEN-10G and PGEN-20W: What You Need to Know

Posted by Kevin Curran on Jun 17, 2021 9:25:41 AM

ECS strives to provide industry-leading corrosion mitigation equipment through user-friendly, versatile, reliable equipment designs. We cannot achieve this without continuous improvements to our current product lineup. Therefore, we have developed two (2) new wall-mounted nitrogen generator offerings: the PGEN-10G and PGEN-20W.

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Bill Aaron, Director of Training at ECS, Introduces the PGEN-20W.

Science-Based Technology Innovations

Both units utilize membrane separation technology producing 98% nitrogen concentration gas on demand. Membranes have many advantages, including reducing moving parts and failure points, eliminating ancillary equipment (storage tanks and refrigerated air dryers), and quieter operation. ECS also uses the highest quality membranes available, offering a 20-year service life.

"Zero-Footprint" Design for Tight Spaces

The PGEN-10G and PGEN-20W have all the equipment needed to produce nitrogen in a single wall-mounted cabinet. The wall-mounted nature of these generators coupled with ECS’ exclusive ability to operate without air dryers or nitrogen storage tanks allows for a true “zero-footprint” equipment design, which can make a world of difference in some of the tight spaces and small riser rooms where they are typically installed. The wall-mounted units are also a plug-and-play solution. Simply mount the generator to the wall, connect 240VAC single-phase power to the generator, and plumb the cabinet to the sprinkler system.

Industry-Leading Fill Capacities

Unlike some other generator offerings on the market, ECS utilizes reliable Gast compressors on the PGEN-10 and PGEN-20W that both provide enough air to produce the required amount of nitrogen as well as industry-leading 30-minute fill capacities in a wall-mounted package. Because of the enhanced 30-minute fill capacities, a separate air compressor is not needed to fulfill this requirement in most situations. Less equipment is needed, contractors must make fewer piping connections, and less wiring is required for installation. The PGEN-10G and PGEN-20W have the largest single zone capacity compared to any other wall-mounted nitrogen generator on the market.

Features at a Glance

The modification of the PGEN-20W to a wall-mounted unit instead of a skid mount results in the following features:

  • Largest overall capacity wall mounted generator available at 3,500 gallons
  • Largest single-zone capacity wall mounted nitrogen generator available at 800 gallons (40 psi) and 1800 gallon (20 psi)
  • Smallest available package vs. comparable model nitrogen generators
  • No refrigerated air dryer or nitrogen storage tanks required – ZERO footprint
  • Quiet design resulting in only 70dB noise level at 10 feet away

The updated PGEN-10G has the following features:

  • Total system capacity of 2000 gallons
  • Largest single-zone capacity wall mounted nitrogen generator available at 800 gallons (40 psi) and 1800 gallon (20 psi)
  • Can be retrofitted to a PGEN-20W if additional systems are installed later, and additional capacity is needed

Reduced Storage Needs

ECS also uses our patented “fill and purge” breathing process, which is the only truly effective method of removing corrosive oxygen from the entire system, including branch lines. This method allows for installing the oxygen removal vent on the riser and eliminates the need for any nitrogen storage tanks.

Count on ECS to Continually Innovate to Better Serve You and Your Customers

The combination of the highest quality equipment, easiest installation and maintenance, and unmatched customer service makes ECS the best full-service provider of corrosion control equipment in the industry. Contact ECS today to speak with an industry expert!


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Kevin Curran

Written by Kevin Curran

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