Nitrogen Generators Shipped Fast

Posted by Experts in Nitrogen Generators and Automatic Air Vents on Nov 16, 2017 11:33:38 AM


The ECS Advantage - We Ship nitrogen-generators-fast

Here at ECS, we are constantly told by our fire sprinkler contracting customers that one of their most favored aspects of Engineered Corrosion Solutions is our direct sales model. It allows them to interact directly with ECS project engineers without involvement or delay from a third-party distributor. We take this approach seriously, so we back it up with a 72-hour shipment guarantee. That’s right, we’ll ship your equipment within 72 hours of receiving your purchase order. We can handle any project schedule you throw at us with industry best responsiveness. Nitrogen generators FAST.

One of our fire sprinkler contractor customers recently experienced the ECS Advantage when they needed six (6) wall-mount nitrogen generators in a hurry to meet the expectations of their large pharmaceutical customer in completing a capital project before the end of the year. After an ECS Corrosion Assessment was performed, the customer recognized the importance of maintaining their preaction systems with nitrogen and wanted to move quickly to minimize additional corrosion damage on their existing systems. The fire sprinkler contractor was very impressed when they had all ECS equipment on hand so soon after placing the order. This isn’t an exception, it’s the STANDARD.

Our direct sales model also provides you with the ability to work directly with an ECS engineer for assistance with product selection and system design on every project.

Our direct sales model

You won’t be passed around from one salesperson to the next and you won’t be ordering from a catalog with ECS. You will also avoid any potential project snags related to improper products specified by someone who doesn’t fully understand how a nitrogen generation system works. At ECS we do one thing: Fire Sprinkler System Corrosion Management and we do it better than anyone. PERIOD.

Last, but not least, direct sales save you money. With no third-party markup, you are assured of receiving the most competitive price every time you place an order with ECS. Direct sales from ECS helps you save time and money while offering peace of mind that you’ll get the right nitrogen generator or air vent for your project every time.

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