Making a Difference in the Fire Protection Industry: Mike Munoz Joins the ECS Team

Posted by Engineered Corrosion Solutions on Oct 4, 2018 9:00:00 AM

Why did you join Engineered Corrosion Solutions?

Mike: “Joining the team composed of chemical engineers & FPE’s that pioneered the science of corrosion control in fire protection is truly exciting. Nitrogen based corrosion control technology has always been fun to sell and intriguing since I first heard about it. I wanted to try something different in my career and I sought out an opportunity to somehow get more involved with nitrogen solutions being a primary focus of everyday business for me.

After doing business with ECS I realized these guys were the real deal and I wanted to learn from the best. Being a part of something that is going to be industry changing and is still in its infancy is very exciting. In addition to the family feel, the great group of people working at ECS are a testament to their success and I am happy to be part of the team.”

How did you get started the fire protection industry?

Mike: I worked an assortment of different roles and positions through the years starting with warehousing and purchasing jobs; then graduating to other job functions like inside sales where I  processed orders from contractors, and then moving into operations management, and outside sales; collectively learning the business from the inside out.” 

Tell us about your experience?

Mike: “I have been in the industry for seventeen (17) years. For nine (9) years I have worked in multi-discipline contracting specializing in automatic sprinkler systems, fire alarms, special hazards and clean agent gas systems. For eight (8) years I worked in fire sprinkler manufacturing and distribution covering territories including AZ, CA, NV, OR, WA.

Having worked in several different roles in the fire protection industry has enabled me to understand our client base from all angles and the different markets we serve. As each customer is unique; I utilize my skillset to custom tailor the solutions and products available to meet our customer needs plus promote industry growth in different business sectors and vertical markets. 

What has been your favorite state to travel to?

Mike: “Being well traveled through the country, I’d have to say there’s no place like home in the San Francisco Bay Area to be with family and friends, or at our family cabin in Lake Tahoe, CA.”

Tell us about your new Account Manager Role at ECS covering AZ, CA, HI, NV, and Guam.

Mike: “My primary focus is to grow and develop new market share for the company, utilizing my relationships and collective experience to educate the fire protection community about the fact-based science behind corrosion control and awareness of FM Global 2-1. Promoting our second-to-none product line.”

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