How to Choose a Wall-Mount Nitrogen Generator for Dry Pipe Sprinkler Systems

Posted by Adam Hilton on May 28, 2019 10:28:19 AM

In September of 2008, at the NFPA 909 – Code for the Protection of Cultural Resource Properties – Museums, Libraries, and Places of Worship meeting, Jeff Kochelek, CEO of Engineered Corrosion Solutions, gave a technical presentation that forever changed the fire protection industry. Jeff presented research that definitively proved the primary cause of corrosion in water-based fire protection systems is oxygen corrosion and not microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC).

In the same presentation Jeff introduced a nitrogen-based corrosion control system for dry and preaction fire sprinkler systems that used a source of nitrogen paired with an oxygen removal vent to control corrosion by creating an inert environment inside the pipe network. The term given to the new technology was Dry Pipe Nitrogen Inerting (DPNI).

ECS Wall Mount Generators

ECS Wall Mount Nitrogen GeneratorImmediately following the presentation ECS began the commercial sale of purpose-built nitrogen generation systems for the fire protection industry. Through the years ECS has remained dedicated to improving the technology by creating smaller, more efficient and more cost-effective nitrogen generators. This drive for continuous improvement lead to the development of our first wall mount nitrogen generator.

The ECS wall-mounted, self-contained line of nitrogen generators is unparalleled by any other product available to the fire protection market. Every component of the nitrogen generation system is contained within the cabinet, which means there is no floor space required for a compressor or nitrogen storage tank.


While other products lines might offer a wall mount option, they all require a nitrogen storage tank that is ancillary to the nitrogen generator. The PGEN-10, our largest wall mount nitrogen generator, is FM Approved to serve up to 2,000 gallons of system volume across multiple dry or preaction systems.

Learn more about our wall-mount generators in our product demo video:

Generator Sizing

When sizing a nitrogen generator for a fire sprinkler system there are three questions that need to be answered:

  1. What is the total volume that is to be served by the nitrogen generator?
  2. What is the desired supervisory operating pressure of the system(s)?
  3. What is the volume of the largest fire sprinkler system to be served by the nitrogen generator?

Selecting a Manufacturer

When selecting a nitrogen generator manufacturer, make sure to answer these four questions:

1. Where is the oxygen removal vent installed?

Patented ECS “Fill and Purge” nitrogen inerting technology allows the ECS oxygen removal vent to be installed at the riser. All other equipment manufacturers require the vent to be installed at the end of the dry or preaction system. When using electronic vents or gas sampling technology, installation of the vent in the riser room prevents the need to run power or sampling tubing from the end of the system to the valve room, resulting in significant savings. This makes installation, operation and servicing much easier.

2. Does the nitrogen generation system require the use of nitrogen storage tanks or refrigerated air dryers?

Fill and Purge technology also eliminates the need for a nitrogen storage tank and our membrane-based nitrogen separation technology eliminates the need for a refrigerated air dryer. Due to the nitrogen generation technology employed by all other manufacturers a nitrogen storage tank is required, and some manufacturers require a refrigerated air dryer. This equipment adds cost to the installation by requiring additional plumbing and electrical connections.

3. What are the dimensions of the equipment?

Because ECS technology does not require nitrogen storage tanks or refrigerated air dryers we are able to offer the smallest available footprint from any manufacturer across our entire product line. All other equipment manufacturers must accommodate the nitrogen storage tank and possibly a refrigerated air dryer as stand-alone equipment or install it in a bulky enclosure or on a large skid.

4. Is the equipment sold direct to the fire sprinkler contractor or through distribution?

ECS is the only corrosion control equipment manufacturer for the fire protection industry that sells direct to the fire sprinkler contractor. All other equipment manufacturers sell through a distributor. Our direct sales model allows the fire sprinkler contractor to have immediate access to the manufacturer resulting in better service, better pricing and the best equipment lead times. The ECS model is to turn pricing in four hours or less and ship equipment within 72 hours of receiving a purchase order.

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