How Does ECS Make an Impact? We Ask Our Customers.

Posted by Engineered Corrosion Solutions on Apr 9, 2020 1:00:00 PM

At ECS, we've always focused on the customer first. Making cutting-edge technology for the fire sprinkler industry comes in a close second, of course, but we wouldn't be able to share our products with the industry without the support of our customers.

Whether you're new to ECS, you've been following us for a while, or you're already a customer, we invite you to watch the video below and hear directly from some of the leading fire safety experts about what it's like to work with us.


How ECS Makes an Impact


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Video Transcription

[Mike Meehan - VSC Fire & Security, Inc]: I remember when ECS came to NFPA with the technology -- addressing the whole process of pipe corrosion and looking at it from the standpoint of really keeping it kind of simple: water, air, steel. Then it led to corrosion. The concept of getting the oxygen out with the nitrogen inerting really goes back to ECS and they were the first ones to bring it to our industry.

[Bob Caputo - Fire & Life Safety America]: ECS was bringing products to the market to vent air from the systems, to bring nitrogen inerting to our systems, and eliminating a lot of the corrosion and allowing us to discover problems a lot earlier in the process, saving our systems, saving our owners a good deal of money and frankly, educating our industry and the owners of systems as to the potential and the solutions when it comes to these types of problems.

[Mike Meehan]: It's great to see 10 years later that nitrogen inerting is becoming a standard and the way to go to keep our pipes from being corroded.

[Tyler Weisz - Cen-Cal Fire Systems]: Yeah, it's been a great thing for us. One of the biggest things is just the resources that they've been for us. Being able to make that call and get in contact with someone and know that they're going to lead us in the right direction. So it's been a great relationship.

[Tim Cottrill - BFPE International]: We've been working with ECS now for the better part of 10 years. They've always provided quality service for us. We need something that's simple, easy to use, easy to understand for our field, that also works. And that's what ECS has provided for us throughout the years. The training and the education and everything that we've gotten from them has always been first rate and we'll continue to use them.