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You don’t want to replace your sprinkler piping and you certainly don’t want to press pause on your business. Fire sprinkler corrosion can seriously impact your bottom line, and code compliance does not necessarily mean risk reduction. We understand mission-critical, and at ECS we close the gap between compliance and risk mitigation for property owners and managers.

We take the time to understand your business and safety needs. Working directly with an ECS engineer, you’ll learn how we build the right solution for your system. There’s no catalog and you won’t be passed from one salesperson to another. We’ve saved our clients millions of dollars in pipe replacement costs and business continuity expenses. Let us solve your problem and safeguard your profitability.

Fire Sprinkler Monitoring System and Sprinkler System Maintenance

The ECS Advantage

Industry Experts

  • Experienced team of Corrosion Engineers
  • Existing system analysis and independent reporting
  • Industry recognized innovations and patents

Critical Solutions

  • Minimize equipment installation in high-risk environments
  • Easy deployment and maintenance for maximum uptime
  • Comprehensive monitoring capabilities


  • Direct from Manufacturer
  • Work with your preferred service provider
  • Available turnkey solutions with an ECS partner service provider
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Advanced Corrosion Solutions and Continuous Gas Analyzer

Case Study

An aerospace manufacturing facility was experiencing significant leaks that exposed high-value equipment to potential permanent damage and put delivery to customers at risk. Working with their service contractor, ECS put together a plan to assess the condition of the system and mitigate future risk due to corrosion. Read more.

  • Assessments were performed on 25 sprinkler systems, and a full analytical report was provided.
  • Presented with the data, the manufacturer chose to perform Wet Pipe Nitrogen Inerting (WPNI).
  • As a result, all leaks were eliminated.
  • Complete system replacement was prevented, resulting in millions saved.

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