Analytical Testing


ECS provides evaluation and analysis or analytical testing of materials collected from fire sprinkler system piping to determine the presence of bacteria and water chemistry. Deposit analysis also identifies the chemical composition of corrosion products such as tubercles, mounds, particulates, solids, etc. found inside a fire sprinkler system. A fire sprinkler service provider will collect a sample from sprinkler system piping or water supply piping and submit for analysis. All samples are sent directly to an independent laboratory for analysis with shipping containers and instructions included in each test kit provided by ECS.

Results and treatment recommendations for all analyses are generally available in two weeks from receipt of the sample.

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Corrosion Coupon/Probe Replacement

  • Failure analysis determines most likely cause of corrosion

MIC/Deposit Analysis

  • Meets NFPA 25, identifies deposit composition, and tests for bacteria associated with MIC

MIC/Water Analysis

  • Meets NFPA 13, identifies water analysis, and tests for bacteria associated with MIC