Trapped Air = Leaks.

Leaks are no Laughing Matter

All wet pipe fire sprinkler systems trap oxygen. Oxygen creates corrosion. Corrosion creates leaks and leaks create problems. These aren’t theories or myths. We’ve proven the science and created a solution. Remove the oxygen and you eliminate the problem. Our products and processes provide simple, permanent solutions by eliminating corrosive oxygen from wet pipe systems. The 2016 edition of NFPA 13 further reinforces the importance of trapped air removal in wet pipe fire sprinkler systems.

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Trapped Air Leaks and Automatic Air Vents
Automatic Air Vents and Fire Sprinkler Monitoring System

The ECS Advantage.


  • Minimal equipment installation.
  • No chemical additives or coatings.
  • Compatible with new and existing systems.


  • Patented vent design – no plumbing to drain, no leak risk.
  • Lightest weight, lowest profile redundant vent available.


  • Long-term wet-pipe nitrogen inerting case histories.
  • Officially recognized solution by NFPA & FM Global.
  • Similar technology used to control corrosion in other industries for decades.

Lead time

  • All products shipped within 72 hours.

Wet System Products

Ejector Automatic Vent

The ECS Ejector air vent provides automatic removal of trapped air.

  • Patented redundant float design
  • No plumbing to drain
  • Lightweight & Compact
  • Optional electronic monitoring
  • FM Approved
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Wet Pipe Sprinkler System and Automatic Air Vent

Protector Inerting Vent

The ECS Protector provides standard air venting functions plus nitrogen inerting capabilities

  • Includes nitrogen injection port
  • Patented redundant float design
  • No plumbing to drain
  • Optional electronic monitoring
  • FM Approved
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Protector Inerting Vent and Wet Pipe Sprinkler System

Inerting Start-Up Kit

The NISK-1 provides everything necessary to safely deliver nitrogen to the sprinkler system.

  • Quick-start commissioning
  • Portable design
  • Pressure-rated regulator & hose
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Nitrogen Generation Systems and Inerting Start Up Kit