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No corrosion control program is complete without a corrosion monitoring system. Our award-winning monitoring system products are the first true corrosion monitoring devices designed for the fire sprinkler industry that effectively address NFPA 13 corrosion monitoring requirements. Whether you are monitoring wet or dry systems, metal loss or gas composition, ECS has a solution. ECS products can be monitored by either fire alarm or building management/information systems. Cutting edge products combine industry-leading service and support provide an unparalleled corrosion management and risk mitigation solution.

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Corrosion Control Device and Nitrogen Generator for Fire Protection
Corrosion Monitoring Equipment and Wet System Vent

The ECS Advantage.


  • Accurate alternative to measuring simulated corrosion at the riser.


  • Find out if your corrosion control system is doing its job.


  • Quickly identify nitrogen gas concentration.

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  • All products shipped within 72 hours.

Monitoring Products

In-Line Corrosion Detector

The only UL listed corrosion monitoring device for fire sprinkler systems.

  • Continuous real-time electronic monitoring
  • No coupons necessary – install where corrosion actually occurs.
  • Use included remote test station or any alarm system
  • Roll-grooved for easy installation & removal
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Corrosion Control Device and Dry Pipe Sprinkler System

Smart Gas Analyzer

Use the SGA-1 to continuously monitor the purity of the gas in the system.

  • Monitoring contacts
  • Digital display
  • Compact riser-room monitoring
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Smart Gas Analyzer and Corrosion Monitoring Equipment

Inspector Monitoring Station

Proven technology to measure metal loss at the sprinkler riser.

  • Uses weight loss coupons
  • Optional electronic monitoring probe.
  • Easy installation at the riser.
  • Sight glass provides visibility within corrosion chamber
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Inspector Monitoring Station and Sprinkler System Maintenance

Handheld Gas Analyzer

Quickly and easily verify gas purity in all dry and wet fire sprinkler systems.

  • Battery powered
  • Portable design
  • One-touch calibration


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Handheld Gas Analyzer