Smart Gas Analyzer

Monitor nitrogen gas production purity with the ECS Protector SMART Gas Analyzer.

The SGA provides continuous monitoring of gas composition within the fire sprinkler system with multiple output signals available. Designed for use in dry pipe and preaction fire sprinkler systems that are maintained with supervisory nitrogen gas, it notifies the user if the nitrogen generator is performing outside of manufacturer specifications. An ECS Protector Manual Vent (PAV-D) or an ECS Protector SMART Vent (PSV-D) is required to be paired with the SGA to provide a continuous gas sample source.

For use under U.S. Patents 9,144,700 and 9,186,533.

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Smart Gas Analyzer
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  • 120V AC or 24V DC power requirement
  • Output signals available: 0-5V DC, 0-10V DC, 4-20 mA, and contact closure
  • Can be monitored by building information/management system or fire alarm system
  • Connects to oxygen removal vent with 5/32″ tubing (provided by ECS)
  • 9” x 7” x 10” (W x D x H), 12 lbs


SGA-1 Product Sheet
SGA-1 CAD File