Nitrogen Generation Systems & Corrosion Monitoring Systems

Out of the thousands of success stories we’ve had, we’ve selected a wide variety of case studies positioned in various industries and with different risk factors, and made them available here. As experts in the use of corrosion management technology, we continue to engage in active research and discover empirical field results that provide the most convincing data for anyone considering the deployment of a corrosion control strategy in their fire sprinkler system.


Indiana Warehouse WPNI

This large facility needed a WPNI strategy to fight localized corrosion around pockets of trapped air in the black steel piping.
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Illinois Distribution WPNI

With severe corrosion found at the air/water interface in high points of the black steel piping, we applied WPNI technology to repair and prevent future leaks.
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Mission Critical Data Center DPNI

After leaks began to develop in the 3” glavanized schedule 10 main piping, this facility needed a DPNI strategy to prevent future leaks.
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In-Line Corrosion Detector MONITORING

Hydrostatic testing of the facility’s preaction fire sprinkler system resulted in two early-warning corrosion detections by the ILD-X.
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Arizona Home Improvement Center WPNI

With a frequent leak history and a high risk of business continuity disruption and product damage, this facility needed a long-term solution.
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California Mall WPNI

With an average of one corrosion-related leak every two weeks in 2014, this mall had a high risk of damaging tenant goods and interfering with business operations.
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California Mission Critical Manufacturing WPNI

With a high risk of leak repair and pipe replacement (complete replacement of some zones), this aerospace manufacturer protected its systems with our WPNI technology.
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Florida Regional Mall WPNI

With leaks in tenant space and common mall areas, and the risk of merchandise damage, this Florida mall needed our help to inert its 36 wet pipe systems.
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